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Kelly Innovation Fund

The Kelly Innovation Fund was launched in early 2018 for Kelly to invest in the next generation of workforce solutions companies.

“It’s no secret that skilled talent continues to be in high demand in today’s employment market,” said Rick Wallace, vice president of Strategic Initiatives for Kelly Services. “That is why Kelly is committed to investing in early stage companies that help empower talent and enrich the way they work. We believe that when talent wins, so do our clients and our partners.”

Through the KIF, Kelly is investing in the next generation of workforce solutions companies that have created:

  • Innovations that help workers be more efficient using wearables and novel learning, training and credentialing models;
  • Innovations helping millennials (and future generations) transition to the World of Work through new models of work, new employee benefits and new engagement tools;
  • Innovations facilitating new workstyles including independent and gig workers;
  • Innovations enabling the work to be more efficient by leaning out and automating repetitive tasks using AI, robotics, data analytics and other technologies.

The Fund’s strategy includes investing in companies where Kelly can provide value beyond its financial investment. For instance, Kelly offers its portfolio companies access to its global client and talent base in addition to its team of experienced industry executives who are passionate about helping start-ups build credibility and accelerate growth.

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Kelly’s inaugural Innovation Fund investment in a tech apprenticeship program that develops modern tech workers.

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