Our Investment Strategy

Kelly has a progressive strategy that is driving our support for both talent and our clients.

The nature of work is changing fast, and Kelly is making smart, targeted investments to help build a better future for talent, clients, and partners alike. Our investment strategy is shaped by several powerful trends/realities.

Jobs as we know them are being deconstructed. Companies are embracing cognitive automation for repetitive work and data processing, breaking “jobs” down into “tasks” and redefining what’s expected of human workers. At the same time, thanks to increased access to remote learning, people have more options to create their own individualized skill portfolios and career paths, often engaging in project-based work rather than traditional full-time employment.

Five generations of people now work alongside each other. They are sometimes assisted by robots, almost always using some form of technology, and more than ever filling roles that didn’t exist 10 years ago.  Millennials outnumber all other generations in the labor force, with Gen Z close on their heels as Boomers continue to transition out of full-time employment. Work expectations vary across generations, but there is a growing demand for flexibility among younger workers and a need for ongoing reskilling across all generations as work rapidly evolves.

The gig economy continues to grow, driven by work and workers alike. Experts predict that 43 percent of the U.S. workforce will participate in the gig economy by 2020. More than ¾ of gig workers are actively choosing this workstyle, and highly skilled workers are the fastest-growing segment of the free agent population. This provides organizations with growing alternatives to full- or part-time employees, even for projects that require a high level of skill and experience. At the same time, labor policies are not keeping pace with the changing world of work; advocacy is needed to drive sensible change that reflects and empowers the independent workforce. 

Kelly’s investment strategy is directly tied to empowering talent, clients, and strategic partners to succeed within this quickly evolving environment.

  • For talent: Kelly is your advocate, investing in your future and empowering your career. Through partnerships with innovative programs, we support you in developing the skills you need to prepare for change and propel you forward. For those with niche expertise, we are creating a solid pipeline of opportunities to support your career journey. For all independent workers, we are supporting sensible policy reforms that remove barriers against flexible work and enable you to thrive in the gig workstyle.

  • For clients: Kelly is your expert guide, proactively investing in and managing the talent you need to reach your business goals. In a world where it’s increasingly difficult to find skilled workers, we are investing in innovative programs to advance an entirely new supply of qualified talent. And by advocating for the independent workstyle, we are investing in a future that enables you to focus on the work you need done, then engage with the right talent across multiple workstyles, from full-time to freelance.

  • For strategic partners: Kelly is your connection point, helping you reach a broader network. Our investments enable you to accelerate and refine your innovative solutions, and our powerful client portfolio creates new opportunities for growth. We do more than invest capital in your business; we lend our expertise as an industry leader to form a true partnership.